A Dallas-Fort Worth Area Business Contract Attorney

A well-drafted business contract can accomplish many things. It lays out exactly what is to be performed or provided by each party involved. It can set mutually understandable expectations regarding such things as quality, timeliness of delivery, remedies in case of breach, and other matters of vital interest to the parties.

Our firm offers business owners and operators years of experience in the preparation and negotiation of contracts and resolution of contract disputes. Our in-depth knowledge of business contracts and agreements ranges from relatively straightforward sales contracts to complex contracts involving multiple parties. Turn to us for help protecting your rights and interests at all times.

Reducing Risk

When drafting or reviewing a proposed contract, attorney Louis I. Cole reviews his client's aims and carefully examines other relevant facts. His extensive experience with contracts enables him to identify potential areas of risk and insist on the insertion of language and provisions to minimize those risks or avoid them altogether. Our firm is recognized for serving as assertive negotiators who will work diligently to protect our clients to the fullest degree possible.

"Litigation is the sorriest means of dispute resolution ever devised." — Louis I. Cole

Resolving Contract Disputes

In some cases, a contract disagreement can arise no matter how tightly or precisely the contract terms are drawn. We pursue a variety of techniques to resolve these disagreements in ways favorable to our clients' interests.

It is our philosophy and practice to encourage close communication with our clients, enabling us to any developing problems. To keep a dispute under control, we can advise you regarding steps to be taken during fulfillment to obtain compliance with contract terms by the other party. These efforts by the client can document the situation if further legal action is needed.

When a true business contract dispute does arise, we favor the use of negotiation and mediation whenever possible. In our experience, these techniques can often resolve a dispute in an acceptable and cost-effective manner. This is especially important where there is ongoing business relationship between the parties that must be preserved.

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