Mergers & Acquisitions

Helping You Grow Your Business

The firm of Louis I. Cole, P.C., provides a full range of advice and services related to business mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions.

Owners and executives of all types of businesses have turned to us for sound legal advice and representation in matters related to mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions. Industries we have served include high-tech, manufacturing, retail, and service companies in such matters. Our strategic focus and practical knowledge of merger, acquisition, and disposition activities can provide many benefits to a business owner or entrepreneur, no matter what the size of the business opportunity.

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Facilitating Business Growth And Expansion

Our firm is ready to provide a full range of business advice and services at all stages of the process. We can assist the business owner in general strategic planning and review of specific business growth opportunities. We also advise on the financing aspects of a proposed transaction, directing the prospective buyer to bankers and lenders who may be able to provide financing for the deal.

Frequently a merger, acquisition, or disposition involves a commercial real estate component of some type. We will review issues relating to property transactions and commercial leases. We can prepare, review, and negotiate the buy/sell agreement, management contract, and all other vital agreements related to the transaction.

From the initial research and planning stage through due diligence and the final closing, our firm will work diligently to achieve a profitable transaction.

Transition Planning And Exit Strategies

With respect to business succession planning and transition activities, we can review your situation and recommend a course of action for you and provide strategic advice, prepare contracts and documents related to the business transition, and take measures to enhance the chances for a successful transaction.

Sometimes, this can involve seeking out an appropriate buyer or general manager for the enterprise if a capable family member cannot fill that role. What can seem to be an ideal fit on paper does not always work on a practical basis. We pay close attention to management style of the potential buyer or manager, as well as the personal chemistry between the potential owner and the existing personnel of the company.

Our objective is to lay the groundwork for a successful transition so that the enterprise can generate profits and continue as a viable operation.

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