Partnerships & Joint Ventures

Facilitating Profitable Partnerships And Joint Ventures

A partnership or joint venture brings together two dynamic forces that can dramatically improve the prospects of success. However, if the terms of the agreement, or the management structure of the entity is unfair to one of the parties, this can seriously restrict the entity's potential, as well as its appeal to the involved principals.

We Give You The Confidence To Start Your Partnership Right

Louis I. Cole, P.C. has years of experience helping business clients form corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, and joint ventures. From this experience, Mr. Cole has gained an understanding of many of the potential perils and pitfalls facing such enterprises. We will work diligently with you throughout the business formation process to develop viable and workable business structures that enhance the prospects for success.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. Mr. Cole will review your circumstances and discuss what services our law firm provides to help you establish, grow, and profit from your enterprise.

The Right Business Structure For Your Venture

Mr. Cole has advised numerous entrepreneurs, business people, and their entities during and after the startup period.

This experience includes work establishing:

  • Corporations (C-corp, S-corp, and professional)
  • Limited liability companies (including professional)
  • Partnerships
  • Joint ventures

We understand the strengths and potential weaknesses of various business entities, and can help select the business structure that is right for you.

One of our tasks will be to identify and balance the specific interests of the various participants. For example, this may involve a partnership agreement that grants a managing or general partner certain powers, which are then balanced by powers granted to the investing participants. Louis I. Cole's experience in business formation has given him an understanding of the dynamics of relationships between the managers and owners of enterprises. He can incorporate appropriate provisions into a partnership agreement to provide adequate protections to the participants while fostering a business structure that can adapt and grow as the venture's business operations evolve.

Strategic Advice From Experienced Lawyers

Once the enterprise has been established, we also provide a full range of legal services, regarding contracts, business growth opportunities, and other matters. Mr. Cole's strategic vision and practical knowledge can contribute greatly to the success of a business venture.

Contact An Attorney

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