Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Commercial Landlord And Tenant Dispute Lawyer In Dallas, Texas

A dispute over a lease, access to a property, or other similar matters can greatly affect the profitability of a retail venture. When such a dispute arises, a prompt and satisfactory resolution of the problem is essential.

Our law firm offers extensive experience resolving commercial landlord and tenant disputes. We focus on achieving solutions that are acceptable and workable while protecting our clients' rights at all times.

We represent clients in commercial landlord and tenant disputes involving:

  • Leases
  • CAM charges
  • Disputes involving easements, facility usage, signage, and security matters
  • Build-out disputes
  • Disputes relating to the consumer traffic promised before the construction of a shopping center
  • All other commercial landlord and tenant disputes

The firm represents commercial landlords and tenants in these matters.

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Negotiation And Mediation

In your case, we will review all aspects of the dispute. We have found that the techniques of negotiation and mediation can often achieve satisfactory outcomes without the expense of litigation. Before deciding to move forward, we will explore the possibility of resolving your matter using these techniques rather than a lawsuit.

Avoiding A Problem Before It Arises

The best approach, though, is to carefully draft a lease in such a way that it avoids or at least minimizes the possibility of future disputes over performance and terms.

We have prepared commercial leases of many types, including retail, restaurant, office, and industrial properties. We can also negotiate improvements in a proposed lease or re-negotiate the terms of an existing lease.

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